DIY Pikachu Mason Jar gifts

Get the free file to make these DIY Pikachu Mason Jar gifts. It’s a budget friendly solution for party favors for your kid’s birthday.

I always feel a bit distraught when it’s my kid’s birthday and I need to find party favors for the guests. I wonder who started this tradition?! Isn’t the party, the food, the cake, the games, enough?

In my opinion, some people invest way too much in these gifts. Or the opposite, they buy a bunch of Dollar store toys that will rapidly end up in the trash (blunt honesty here!). Since I’m not either these kinds of person, I always try to make something that doesn’t cost much, but will be sure to impress the kids and most importantly, be useful!

As it’s often the case in the last years, my son’s birthday theme is either videogames or Pokémons! You can see other posts about his birthdays:

What you need to make the DIY Pikachu Mason Jar gifts

To make the Pikachu Mason jars, I used the same file that I made for the Pikachu party bags. It’s free for you when you subscribe. Just see the form at the end of this post. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience and at no extra cost to you. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

How to make the DIY Pikachu Mason jar gifts

Step 1

Lay down some newspapers outside and put the Mason jars upside down on top of the newspapers.

5 mason jars upside down on newspaper, ready to be painted for DIY Pikachu Mason Jar gifts

Spray paint the Mason jars in yellow. Let dry between each layers. You’ll need 2 or 3 layers.

5 mason jars upside down on newspaper painted in yellow for DIY Pikachu Mason Jar gifts

Step 2

Download the file from my free resource library (see at the bottom of this post to subscribe). Scale the design to fit the Mason jar. Instead of cutting each piece in different colour cardstock, I used the “print and cut” feature.

It’s easier to do it that way because the pieces are so small. If you don’t have a cutting machine, use the PDF file and cut it with scissors.

Step 3

Using Mod Podge, glue all the pieces onto the Mason Jars. Note that the nose and the top lip were so small that I ended up drawing them with a black permanent marker.

Gluing the eyes, mouth and cheeks with ModPodge to make DIY Pikachu Mason Jar gifts.

Make sure to add Mod Podge on top of the paper and everywhere where it’s yellow. That way, the texture will be identical all over the Mason jar and the Pikachu face will be protected.

The final result of the DIY Pikachu Mason Jar gifts. 1 jar in front and 4 jars in the back.

Step 4

Finally, I added candies inside the Pikachu Mason jars! The kids were really happy with their present. They even get to use it as a decoration in their bedrooms.

The final result of the DIY Pikachu Mason Jar gifts. 5 jars mounted in a pyramid (3 at the bottom and 2 on top)

How to get the free Pikachu file to make the DIY Pikachu Mason jar gifts?


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    Don’t think you have time to make the Pikachu Mason jars?

    Here’s an average of the time it could take you to tackle this project, separated in blocks:

    1. Make Step 1: about 5 minutes per layers with 30 minutes of drying time between each layer (total 1 hour, 45 minutes);
    2. Continue with Steps 2 and 3: around 45 minutes for 5 jars.

    Total time: 2 hours, 30 minutes

    Note that this is just an example. You can always separate a project to your convenience and according to the time you have! If you make this project and find that the time is not realistic, please don’t hesitate to tell me!

    Don’t forget to pin it, so you can find it later!

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