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New Cricut materials Fall 2023

In addition to the new Cricut Joy Xtra, Cricut is releasing today new materials that, just as those of spring 2023, were in demand and eagerly awaited!

Disclosure: Thanks to Cricut for providing me with the product for review. I am not paid or sponsored by Cricut to write this post. All opinions are 100% my own and honest.

This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience and at no extra cost to you. I get commissions for purchases made through links in this post. Click here to see my full disclosure policy.

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Cricut is now improving and adding to its “print then cut” product offering as well as a few others that I will tell you all about.

For each new product, new specific material settings will be available directly in Design Space to achieve a perfect cut.

Help for “print then cut”

Never tried the “print and cut” feature of your Cricut? Know that, to use the print then cut feature, you need to know how to use “Flatten”. I invite you to see this post (and video) for all the details!

Packaging of new materials

It could be that the photos you see here are not identical to the upcoming packaging of these new materials. Cricut is indeed working to improve the legibility of these new materials and different and clearer packaging is coming.

Printable sticker paper

Yes, printable sticker paper already existed. But it tended to get stuck in some printers because of its thickness. So Cricut released a new version, much thinner, which will surely delight people looking to make stickers at a low price.

The printable sticker paper is for inkjet printers and is available in matte white only and in 8-sheet packs in Letter size for Canada and the United States and in A4 size for Europe.

How to differentiate the new printable self-adhesive paper from the old one? The new version will have, on the back, the small “C” of Cricut without the antennas. While the old version has antennas.

Printable vinyl

Printable vinyl is like a better version of printable sticker paper. It is brighter and creates bright and durable stickers, ideal for notebooks, laptops and organization.

This printable vinyl is for inkjet printers and is available in packs of 10 or 12 and in four colours: White, transparent, silver and gold! It is also available in Letter or A4 version depending on your location.

How to differentiate the new printable vinyl from the old one? The new version will have, on the back, the small “C” of Cricut without the antennas. While the old version has antennas.

Printable waterproof sticker sets!

Finally! We could see a lot of “hacks” on the internet to make the stickers waterproof.

The problem was that even though some suppliers said their sticker vinyl was water-resistant, it was never 100% resistant. You can see my tests done in this article.

In fact, even though vinyl itself is resistant, the problem is that the ink on an inkjet printer is not.

Cricut solves this problem with these new waterproof stickers. You print and then cover your sheet with a self-adhesive film that will protect the ink. You insert everything into your Cricut and it cuts the sticker and film at the same time! Awesome!

In addition to being waterproof, they are also resistant to UV rays. This keeps the material from cracking and chipping in sunlight. You may still experience some fading of colours depending on the type of ink you have in your printer. If it happens, Cricut recommends trying a different ink or using UV-resistant ink.

Printable waterproof sticker sets are made for use with an inkjet printer. They are available in four colors White, Holographic White, transparent and transparent holographic.

They come in packs of 5 or 6 sheets of Letter or A4 size depending on your region.

Warning: Only the Explore Air 2 does not have a sensor powerful enough to read the printed registration marks with such shiny paper. It is therefore necessary to have a Joy Xtra, an Explore 3 or a Cricut from the Maker family to use this product.

Printable Iron-on

There are plenty of companies that make a similar product, but I personally had trouble getting great results (especially for cutting) so I have a lot of hope for this product! I’ll tell you more about it when I’ve tested it!

I’m talking about printable Iron-On. One is made for light fabrics and the other for dark fabrics.

Unlike Infusible Ink, the ink does not penetrate the fabric. It will be a printed applique that will be heated and installed on the fabric.

What’s the difference between the one for light fabrics and the one for dark fabrics? The one for light fabrics will have some transparency, especially for places in the image that are white. So if you have a pale pink t-shirt, for example, the pink will show through where your design is white.

The one for dark fabrics has a white background that does not allow transparency. So the white will remain white even if your fabric is a dark color.

You can see how to use this product and the tests I made here.

These two new printable Iron-On are also for inkjet printers and are available in packs of 3 or 5 sheets of Letter or A4 size depending on your locality

Prismatic glitter Iron-On

What does prismatic glitter Iron-On mean? Well, it’s the same as normal glitter, but soft and smooth! So now you can put glitter on your t-shirts without grinding your teeth (or skinning your arms!)

The prismatic glitter Iron-On is currently only available in Smart version for the Cricut Joy Xtra. On the other hand, nothing prevents you from using it on a mat

  • 19-inch long (48.3 cm) roll in Gold or Silver
  • 3-sheet sampling roller 12 inches long (30.4 cm)

New Smart formats for the Cricut Joy Xtra

Many formats will be added to the Smart materials to have rolls of the size of the new Cricut Joy Xtra.

What I find awesome is that, as the Joy Xtra is aimed at a new clientele, Cricut has thought of making sample rolls to allow those who are starting out, to have a greater variety even if they just buy a box!

There is so much size and variety that I invite you to check out this page and filter according to the Cricut Joy Xtra machine to see them all!

“Create stickers” function in Cricut Design Space

Cricut also announces a new feature that will not be immediately available in Design Space: the “Create Stickers” feature.

This feature will be reserved for Cricut Access members and will aim to facilitate the process of creating stickers in a few steps.

This function is coming later in 2023.


Thursday 7th of September 2023

This was a very helpful list and explanation of the new products. Thank you!


Friday 8th of September 2023

Thank you so much! Happy crafting!

Lynn Cyr

Thursday 7th of September 2023

I own a cricut Maker,from what I gather in your post, I could use the new Smart material ON a mat? Please confirm and great blog BTW.


Thursday 7th of September 2023

Yes, Smart material can be used on a mat but it is more expensive. So if it exist in Non-smart, I suggest you use this one instead. (And thank you for your nice comment!)

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