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Difference Between Slice and Subtract in Cricut Design Space

See the difference between the Slice function and the Subtract function of the Combine menu in Cricut Design Space. And I will explain why choose one over the other.

Toward the end of 2022, Cricut added a new menu to Cricut Design Space featuring four new functions: Unite, Subtract, Combine and Exclude.

If you have trouble figuring out these functions, feel free to download my free cheat sheet that will help you visualize what each function does.

Today we will talk about the Subtract function and how it is different (or similar) to the Slice function.

For all functions of Cricut Design Space

It is important to know that all the functions of Cricut Design Space will remain grayed out as long as you do not have at least two layers selected.

Slice in Cricut Design Space

To know everything about Slice, you can refer to this post which also includes a video.

But basically, the slice function acts like a cookie cutter in cookie dough. You end up with several pieces named “Slice result”. A “cleaning” of the layers will need to be done to keep only what interests you.

Also important to know, Slice can only be done on TWO layers at a time. Which can make the task longer.

Subtract in Cricut Design Space

Subtract is found under the Combine menu.

By using Subtract, all top layers will be removed (or subtracted) from the layer that is completely below.

A new group called “Subtract” is created and we can still see all the pieces that were used to compose our house project.

By clicking on one of these layers (from the layers panel only) you can move the objects (here, I move the door).

As soon as you release the mouse button, the “Subtraction” is reapplied and you see the result of the new positioning of the door.

This means that Subtract remains editable. While Slice is permanent and there is no way to change it (unless you cancel by going back).

If the multiplication of all these layers bothers you, you can also select the function group and click on the Combine menu and choose “Merge layers”. This will make the Subtraction permanent, on a single layer, much like the Slice function.

Which one to choose, Slice or Subtract?

Je vous dirais que c’est un choix bien personnel. J’apprécie de plus en plus Retirer surtout quand j’ai plusieurs calques. Par contre, quand on multiplie les opérations, on peut se retrouver avec énormément de calques à gérer.

I would use Slice, especially in situations where I want to keep the layer removed. Here, I show the example of an object larger than mat that we would like to separate into several mats.

Watch the video!

Watch the video to see Slice and Subtract in action and also to learn how to separate an object larger than a mat to cut it into several pieces.

And don’t forget to download the free cheat sheet!

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