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Need Cricut help? Start here

Do you feel lost and overwhelmed by your Cricut machine and don’t know where to start? I’ve got you covered! Start by learning the 5 most important Cricut Design Space functions and you’ll be making projects in Design Space in no time!

1- Click on the image to download your Free cheat sheet

2- Master the basic Design Space functions

If you do not understand why, for example, your elements do not stay in place when you press “Make it”, you should definitely learn the basic functions of Cricut Design Space. Take the time to learn them, it’s totally worth it (click on each image to learn more about each function).

3- Do you prefer to be guided step by step and craft at the same time?

Get my Maker’s Guide to getting started with your Cricut and make 3 projects while you learn Cricut Design Space. Click here for the details.

Tips and tricks for making impeccable projects!

** Click at the top right of the video to see the complete list of videos ?

Need more help?

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Need some help figuring out what you need?

Check out my essential tools and products page.

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