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New Cricut Joy Cutaway cards

Cricut has just released new Cutaway cards for the Cricut Joy. I’ll explain all the differences with the original sets of cards and what makes the new ones even better!

Disclosure: Thanks to Cricut for providing me with the product for review. I am not paid or sponsored by Cricut to write this post. All opinions are 100% my own and honest.

The Cricut Joy is the smallest of the Cricut machines and specializes in quick and easy creation of cards, labels, etc.

For more details on the Cricut Joy and the comparison with other Cricut machines, see my post on Cricut Essentials according to what you want to make.

New product

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Although it is already possible to make cards with the specialized mat of the Cricut Joy, Cricut is today launching a new line of cards: Cutaway cards!

You will tell me that this is not new! But yes, it is! These cards have something special that makes them much more efficient, practical and pretty (in my opinion!) than the original version.

Let me explain!

To make cards with the Cricut Joy

Whether with the original model of cards (cards with inserts) or the new model (Cutaway cards) the following steps are the same.

Thus, to quickly make cards with the Cricut Joy, one must use the special card mat as well as the card sets sold by Cricut.

The principle is easy: simply insert the cards into the mat so that the Cricut Joy cuts only the top of the card.

For cards with inserts

The original model of cards for the Cricut Joy requires small slots in the corners to be able to add the insert (the coloured cardstock on the right in the photo below).

Also, for cards with inserts, it is necessary to make sure that the image is in a “stencil” style to avoid losing certain pieces during cutting.

For example, in the photo below, the center of the “e” has been connected to the rest of the card.

The new Cutaway cards

The main difference with the new Cutaway cards is that they do not need the corners for inserts and stencil style is not required either!

In fact, you can use virtually any image to make your own cards! Like this one:

How does it work?

The new Cutaway cards are… Adhesive! It has an adhesive backing like this:

The card sets come with “backers” (what were called “inserts” in the original model).

The idea is to remove the back of the card to reveal the sticky part. Then we apply the “backer” (the beautiful side facing the adhesive).

By inserting the card on the mat, the Cricut Joy will then cut the design as it would have done for the original card sets.

The difference is that it will be necessary to weed the cardstock to reveal the “backer”. Thus, all the centers of the letters and the other small floating pieces will remain well in place! ?

You think there will be glue left on your card? No no no!

The adhesive combined with the “backer” are specially designed so that the glue is also removed with the weeded pieces! Magic!

Access the cards templates in French!

If you are a Cricut Access member, you will also have access to several card templates. I also created some cards in French!

If you don’t have Cricut Access, you can totally create your own cards!


Is the card mat included when buying the Cricut Joy?

No, the mat must be purchased separately.

Do I have to have Cricut Access to make cards?

Templates are available in Cricut Access. Simply search for “cutaway”. On the other hand, you can also easily create your own projects! Watch the video to learn more!

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