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Finally make the projects your want with your Cricut
without fear or failure!

Ready to use your Cricut to its full potential?

I can help you with that. Here’s what to do next.

Start by downloading your free Cricut cheat sheet. It will help you to know at a glance what every primary Design Space function does. Like the difference between Group and Attach. And how to use, Weld, Slice and Flatten.

If your Cricut is intimidating you (or even still in the box!!) get my ebook A Maker’s Guide to getting started with your Cricut and make your first projects today! You’ll make 3 projects and learn Cricut Design Space while your craft.

Don’t know what to do next? Try my 3D papercraft challenge! This is the best way to spark your creativity and make projects that will make you proud.

Make these projects with my free SVG files

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    You already know that the Maker 3 is faster when cutting Smart Materials only. But what about engraving? Well, that’s what I tested! Although Cricut mentions that there is no …

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