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Buying a Cricut: where to find the best price

This post will give you all the tips and tricks you need to get the best price when buying a Cricut machine.

If you’re trying to figure out which Cricut to choose, I strongly suggest you check out my post on Cricut Essentials.

To find out which Cricut is right for you, you first need to know what kind of projects you’re interested in. That’s why I’m referring you to this post, which will tell you in detail which Cricut and which basic tools you’ll need to complete your projects!

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Where to find the best price

Except on special occasions, the best place to get a Cricut at the best price is However, there are a few things you’ll need to do, and here are the details.

How to get an extra 10% off your purchase

To operate your Cricut, you’ll need to download “Cricut Design Space”. This software is free of charge.

But Cricut offers an optional subscription called “Cricut Access“.

The Cricut Access subscription entitles you to unlimited use of projects, images and fonts in Cricut Design Space. What’s more, you’ll be entitled to a 10% discount (up to a maximum savings of $50) on all your purchases on the Cricut website.

At the time of writing this article, a one-month subscription costs C$12.99 ($USD 9.99).

So if you buy an item for $200 and add a month’s subscription at $12.99, you’ll get 10% off your item, like this:

Item at $200 – 10% = $180

180 + 12.99 (one-month subscription) = $192.99

So your total is lower, even with the subscription.

And the discount increases the higher the item’s value. So for a Cricut Maker 3, which is often around $500, you’ll get a maximum discount of $50 with a one-month subscription.

In fact, the Cricut website now displays it for you. You don’t even have to do the math anymore. See the screenshot below from the website. It reads “Access Members Pay C$ 499.00”.

image from

It also happens that we see an identical price in a store. However, with this 10% discount (even adding the price of the one-month subscription), the price is still lower than in-store.

Buy the Cricut alone or as a bundle

On the Cricut website, you’ll find groups of machines and materials called“Bundles“.

These bundles vary according to the machine selected.

They are cheaper than buying materials separately. And let’s face it, you’re going to need materials to make your projects!

Once again, Cricut shows you the price with and without Cricut Access subscription.

image from

However, make sure that the materials included in these bundles are materials you will actually use.

Click here to see the available bundles.

And don’t forget to check out my post on“Cricut Essentials for beginners” to get a clear idea of what you need!

Delivery charges, customs duties?

The Cricut website offers free shipping on all purchases of $100 or more, so when you buy a Cricut machine, there will be no shipping or other fees.

Delivery time is usually about a week in America (unless you’re in busy periods like Christmas or Black Friday).

The exceptions

Of course, every good rule has its exceptions. So, from time to time, a store will make a sale that has a better price than the Cricut site.

What I’ve seen so far is that the bundles are often different from those on Cricut. This makes comparison more difficult. It also frequently involves discounts on older models.

It’s really up to you to analyze your needs to see what’s right for you and do your research!

Additional discount

NeliDesign is offering an additional promo code. Although the Canada and USA discount does not apply to Cricut machines, it may apply to any materials or accessories you add to your shopping cart.

I invite you to visit this page for the latest promo code and conditions.

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