DIY Nintendo 3DS birthday invitations

See how to make your own Nintendo 3DS birthday invitations. These invitations are very easy to make and you’ll even get the free printable to make them!

Every year, I look for an original way to make my children’s birthday invitations. I particularly enjoy my son’s video game themes.

This year, we went for a more general video games theme with a Nintendo 3DS, although Pokémons are never too far. 😉

View of the Nintendo 3D invitations when open with the orange colour on top

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Material required to make Nintendo 3DS birthday invitations

How to make Nintendo 3DS birthday invitations

You’ll see, it’s very simple! First, to make an invitation, you will need two cardstock of the same colour. The invitations don’t have to be all the same colour, go according to your child’s favourite colours! My boy is so cute, he even chose pink and purple for the girl’s invitations! Very considerate that one !!! 😉

On the first cardstock, print the inside of the 3DS and on the other, the outside. Note that the outside represents my son’s 3DS which is a special edition of Pokemon Sun and Moon. It was not negotiable, he wanted the invitations to be the same as his own 3DS (I told you that the Pokemon weren’t very far!).

Nintendo 3DS birthday invitation printed on red cardstock

Then cut the cardstock like this:

Nintendo 3DS birthday invitation printed on green cardstock and cut with scissors

Fold the cardstock representing the inside of the 3DS so that the top and the bottom are equal. It’s ideally easier and more efficient to use a paper trimmer with a scoring blade.

Folding the Nintendo 3DS Birthday Invitations with a scoring blade

You can see the line made by the scoring blade on this picture:

You can see the mark made by the scoring blade on the Nintendo 3DS Birthday Invitations

If you do not have a scoring blade, you can use a utility knife and a metal ruler. Just press very very gently, without cutting and you will get about the same result.

How to fold the Nintendo 3DS Birthday Invitations

Finally glue the pieces representing the outside with the stick glue.

Adding glue to the Nintendo 3DS Birthday Invitations

Writing inside

For this part, I suggest you measure the “screens” of the 3DS in case your impression is different from mine.

On Microsoft Word or another writing software, write the information about the invitation in a “text box” in the dimension you measured. You can even add an image as I did (still Pokemon!) 😉

The inside of the Nintendo 3DS Birthday Invitations

All you have to do is print on white cardstock, cut and paste it on the “screens”.

The 6 different colours of the Nintendo 3DS Birthday Invitations all opened to see the inside

The 6 invitations of the Nintendo 3DS Birthday Invitations each a different colour.

Speaking of Pokemon, did you see the Pikachu party bags? The free template is also in the NeliDesign library! You just need to sign up!

So these Nintendo 3DS birthday invitations are easy, quick to make and economical! Don’t hesitate to show me what you make with them!

Click on the image below to get all the Pokémons files


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    1. Oh so clever! I can’t wait to share this my daughter.

      1. Thanks Kristina! My son is still really excited about it!

    2. OMG!! You are so talented!! Those are gorgeous invitations! My kids would love them! I’ll have to keep them in mind for their next birthday

    3. So clever. I made one of our kids a wii remote control card once and I think I did a playstation control card too. I love this idea, pinning.

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