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How to use Contour in Cricut Design Space

The Contour tool in Cricut Design Space is difficult to understand at first. But once you get my awesome trick, you’ll easily be able to hide portions of a design and modify existing SVG files like a pro.

Do you know the Contour function? It’s the one at the bottom right in Cricut Design Space.

Image of Cricut Design Space with an arrow showing the Contour tool

It enables you to hide portions of an image or an SVG file giving you the possibility to modify an image that you wouldn’t be able to change otherwise.

Now, I hear you saying: “When I tried it, there were just grey shades and I couldn’t understand anything!”

Image of Cricut Design space showing what you see when clicking on Contour

Yes, I know. That’s the first reason why it’s hard to understand!

But with my simple trick, you’ll get it in no time! Just watch the video.

In it, I’ll show you how you can modify this SVG file:

Free SVG file to test Contour in Cricut Design Space. Welcome to Playa del Patio made by NeliDesign

This is one of my numerous cut files that you can get when you subscribe to my newsletter. If you’re interested, you can do it by filling up this form:

    I will also use one of Cricut Design Space free images and show you how to change the colour of part of it.

    Check the video now!

    The best trick to use Contour in Cricut Design Space

    I hope you now understand the Contour tool and will be using it all.the.time!

    If other Cricut functions are giving you headaches, just see these other tutorials:

    PS: Don’t forget to Pin it to remember it!

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    Tuesday 26th of May 2020

    Oh my gosh! Thank you so much. Make perfectly good sense of a perfectly nonsensical function.


    Tuesday 26th of May 2020

    Thanks Jo! I'm so glad it helps!!

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