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8 ways to make school supply labels with your Cricut

This post will show you 8 different ways to make school supply labels with your Cricut cutting machine. Who said labelling couldn’t be fun?

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Back to school is just around the corner and it also means you need to tackle the dreaded task of labelling E-VE-RY school supply and gear. I thought we could make this task a fun one by combining it with a little crafting!

If you have a Cricut machine, you can do so many beautiful and original labels just by using vinyl, stencil sheets or sticker paper.

How to make school supply labels

1- Quickly label school supplies

I’m starting with this one because I think it might be my favourite one! I think I’ll even try it since I just bought some new vinyl and transfer paper!

2- DIY Custom Lunch Box

This lunch box is a cutie. You should also click to check out the other side!

3- Print and cut stickers

Print and cut is often a feature we forget, but I simply love to use it like for my bowling party invitations.

4- Easy personalized water bottles

I love how the vinyl was matched to the colours of the bottles. Very well done!

5- DIY Gold vinyl pencil pouches

And how simple but cute is this pencil pouch?!!

Make school labels: Translucent pencil pouch with gold dots
Credit: Sarah Hearts

6- Apple tote bag

Now, this might have been made for a teacher, but I can totally see this tote bag for a kid. I know at my son’s school, they ask that we have a bag for gym clothes. This one would totally do the trick!

7- Personalized pencil bags

I love the idea of taking a low-cost pencil case and turning it to something fun and personal.

8- Monogram stencil backpack makeover

This one is no vinyl but it’s made using a stencil. This stencil can easily be made with a Cricut to suit your needs. I like that only a letter is written on the backpack. I wouldn’t want any strangers to know the name of my kid.

Make school labels: Orange back pack with the monogram "B"
Credit: Lolly Jane

Do you have any other idea you could add to this list! Please don’t hesitate to write it in the comments!


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