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How to make window silhouettes for Halloween

Make these beautiful customized Halloween silhouettes for your windows! You’ll learn how to easily make them yourself with your Cricut.

My son adores Pokemon. You’ll probably notice by the number of crafts related to Pokemon on my blog. There are, for example, the Pikachu party bags, the Ash Ketchum Halloween costume and many more.

For Halloween, I’ve decided to make Pokemon silhouettes for his bedroom window. And since his window is in front of the house, it’s also perfect for Halloween decorations.

Note that what you’ll learn can be made for any kind of silhouette. You just need to choose your favourite images. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience and at no extra cost to you. Click here to see full disclosure policy.

What you’ll need to make the Halloween silhouettes

Steps to make Halloween window silhouettes

If you prefer, you can watch the video that will even show you how I added colours to the silhouettes.

Step 1: Find images on Google by using the word “silhouette” in your search. Avoid images with busy backgrounds and a lot of colours. Right-click on the image and save it on your computer where you’ll be able to find it later.

Step 2: Open a new canvas in Cricut Design Space and click Upload.

view of Cricut Design Space and how to import an image

Step 3: Click on Upload image and then on Browse.

Step 4: Find the images you have saved on your computer. Select an image and click on Open.

Import an image

Step 5: Click on Simple and on Continue.

Choose "Simple" in Cricut Design Space

Step 6: Erase the background and anything else you want. (You can click on Preview to see the result). Then click on Continue.

How to erase part of an image in Cricut Design Space.

Step 7: Name your image, click on Save as a cut image and hit Save.

Choosing a cut image

Step 8: Select the image and click on Insert images.

Repeat all the steps for each silhouette you want to cut.

How to optimize the placement in order to save material

The next steps are not essential but if you’re thrifty and a bit ecologically friendly like me, you’ll want to minimize the loss of material.

Even though Cricut Design Space optimizes the placement of objects on the cutting mat, there is still room for improvement.

You can click on an image and move it by holding down the left button of the mouse. You can also use the arrow to turn the images.

Turn an image on the Cricut Design Space cutting mat

But the best trick is to click on the three little dots and select Move to another mat.

Button to change an image to another cutting mat in Cricut Design Space

After clicking, you can even choose on which mat you want the object to be moved. Interesting isn’t it?

Button to change an image to another cutting mat in Cricut Design Space

The difference between Window Cling and Vinyl

You’re going to ask me, I’m certain of it ?, what are the benefits of using Window Cling? Why can’t I simply use vinyl?

Well, the answer is simple, Window Cling is reusable. It’s non-adhesive and sticks to windows without leaving any residue behind (you can see my demonstration in the video). It also means you can add it to your windows and remove it many times (and let the kids change their minds as many times as they want, without arguing with them!!!)

view of the window and how the window cling can be easily removed.

At night, from outside, the result is rather pleasing. If you want to see how I added colours to some of the silhouettes, check out the video. ?

Don’t forget to download the Free Cricut Cheat Sheet

Click on the images below to get help on Cricut Design Space functions.

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