DIY craft table : you’ll never guess what I used as the table top!

Find out how to build a custom standing large DIY craft table on a budget with this IKEA hack. This thrifty table top is only 50$.

I’ve been wanting a craft table for sooooo long! The biggest desk I had was around 30″ x 40″. And most of the time, I couldn’t find it cause there were too many things piled up on it!!!

This new one is 36″ x 80″!

IKEA hack : Easy, Quick and affordable DIY craft table

Can you guess what I used?

It’s a primed masonite door!

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What you’ll need to make your DIY craft table

The IKEA furniture is a white TOMNÄS shelf unit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist anymore but the Kallax could still be used. If a standing desk like mine is what you need, you would need to add some legs.

IKEA hack : Easy, Quick and affordable DIY craft table

Note that you’ll need to have someone helping you for this

Step 1

Install the door on top of the shelf unit. Make sure it is levelled. While someone holds the door in place, fix the door to the wall with L brackets. Next, position the shelf unit and fix it to the door with smaller L brackets

Step 2 

Paint the door after it is installed!! And do you think I painted under?
Are you insane? No time for that!! 😆

Since it’s a door, the edges might need a little sanding.

When the paint was dry, I added 2 coats of Minwax Polycrylic to protect the surface. Each time I use this product, it amazes me how easy it is to apply and it has almost no odour.

So, in one afternoon, everything was done! Just my kinda project!

A bit of reality

I’ll be honest with you, my craft room doesn’t look like a picture from a magazine and I don’t think it ever will. I have a simple explanation for that: I use my craft room!

So, as you might have noticed, all the pictures are framed very tight. Well, that’s because of what’s standing right next to the craft table! You’ll guess that it’s also my next project on the list :

The mess of my craft room. Plenty of work to be done!

So awful… plenty of work to be done!!

UPDATE: I participated in the One Room Challenge and finally got my craft room in order! Follow this link to see all the details!

Signature : Natalie

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12 thoughts on “DIY craft table : you’ll never guess what I used as the table top!

  1. Heck yeah……. a crafter that uses the space and doesn’t just make it look like a magazine. You rock Natalie and the door errrmmmm I mean craft table works for me. I can just imagine all the craft space you’ve got to work with. Love it!!!

    1. IKEA is the best! Waiting for a store close to my house to open probably in December. I better start saving right now! hahaha

  2. Wonderful job it is perfection, large, organized, pretty and has lots of storage. What more could you want. Pinning.

  3. Wow that looks so much better than before Natalie. And it was super easy to make too.

  4. Using the brackets is super smart! I literally have an IKEA table top sitting on 2 book shelves as my craft table. I really should secure it. Lol.

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