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Master bedroom makeover reveal / $100 Room Challenge

Check out my colourful master bedroom makeover reveal. Everything was done in one month with less than $100. Proof that a small budget can still make a big impact.

Is it time already? It just can’t be!! I was gone on a blogging conference 2 weeks ago so I had one less weekend to finish my projects. I knew it when I decided to do this challenge, but still, it went pretty fast! I’m not complaining because everything turned out perfectly: the conference was totally worth it AND I’m completely in love with my master bedroom makeover!

Week 1 (The plan) | Week 2 (Stencil) | Week 3 (Painting the blinds)

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Remember the plan?

I had a lot on my plate for this project. I was hoping to make all of these things (the one checked are the one I actually did!):

If I had the budget and time, I also wanted to:

With all of this, I wanted to change the layout of the room so that it made a beautiful focal point when we came in.

Plus, someone mentioned that it’s “Feng Shui” to have the bed facing the door! Maybe I’ll sleep better! 😉

Master bedroom makeover reveal

So, here’s the before and after from the entrance:

It is so much more colourful than before! I love it! I’m glad I went with the two colours for the stencilling.

View of the left side of the master bedroom after the makeover

I even DIYed a new lamp for 0$! (I already had everything on hand since I had made something similar for my dining room)

View from the left side of the bed in the master bedroom after the makeover

I love the pattern it makes on the ceiling at night.

View from the door of the master bedroom after the makeover, when the light is on.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a bit, maybe you remember these deer wall art? I made them for my bathroom for my first $100 Room Challenge.  I think they look better in here, don’t you think?

View of the deer wall art from the foot of the bed in the master bedroom after the makeover.

I also have free deer printable so you can easily make them too! You just need to subscribe at the end of this post.

Finally, no more clear windows for the French doors! Yes! Privacy! 😉 Are you curious about what I did? Well, you can see the tutorials here and it involves a 5$ shower curtain and a Cricut! lol

View from the head of the bed of the master bedroom after the makeover.

Here’s how it looks from the outside.

View of the doors from the inside of the master bedroom after the makeover..

I’m so happy with the end result of my master bedroom makeover. If you don’t really like your bedroom, you should really give it a try! Now, I even feel like making my bed in the morning!! lol

View from the outside of the master bedroom after the makeover.

The budget

Week 2: Stencilling the wall

Total week 2: $53.69 USD

Week 3: Painting the blinds

Week 4: French doors, throw pillows and blanket

Total week 4: $26.95 USD

Total for the Challenge: $87.08

I still have $13 left!

Being able to have this beautiful room for only $87 makes me feel so good!

Now it’s your turn! You can do it too! Please leave me a comment or tell me what’s preventing you from making a similar makeover. I’m there for you!

Subscribe to get access to freebies to help you make these simple and budget-friendly projects, including the deer printable to make the wall art.

And if you want to shop the look :

See the other weeks of the challenge here:

Week 1 (The plan) | Week 2 (Stencil) | Week 3 (Painting the blinds)

And if you like the result, please Pin it to your favourite board!

I can’t wait to see the room reveal of the other participants:

Ann @ Live The Old Way

Wednesday 10th of October 2018

Holy, cow you have to look twice to realize it's even the same room, it turned out amazing! Thanks for sharing your makeovers with us at the Homestead Blog Hop, please come back again soon!


Sunday 14th of October 2018

Thank you, Ann, and thanks for your Blog Hop!


Friday 5th of October 2018

Beautiful update. Love the wall with the window.


Friday 5th of October 2018

Wow!! Your room turned out amazing!! so beautiful! Glad you participated in the challenge this time - isn't it so fun! I need to check back for your privacy trick for the french doors because I have french doors leading into our bathroom too and want to do something to them.


Saturday 6th of October 2018

Thanks Christina! I should have that post soon!


Friday 5th of October 2018

Hi! Just letting you know that your post is being featured tonight at Best of the Weekend Link Party (8 p.m. EST). Thank you for sharing with us!


Saturday 6th of October 2018

Oh! thank you Liberty, that's so cool!


Monday 1st of October 2018

I love it! I like the color-- everything! What a room to enjoy, so much better than before! Thanks for sharing at Best of the Weekend Link Party!


Wednesday 3rd of October 2018

Thank you Liberty!

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