DIY Valentine’s Day earrings

Learn what to do and most importantly, what not to do to make beautiful faux leather and Iron-on earrings for Valentine’s Day

Today, I offer you a free SVG file including, not one, but 4 pairs of Valentine’s Day earrings. They are made from faux leather and super easy to make.

DIY Valentine’s Day earrings

To make them, I will refer you to the video of the festive earrings that I made during my 12 Christmas Crafts challenge. But just before, I have important tips that I want to mention because often we learn a lot more from our mistakes and oh did I make some!!

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Materials and tools required

    Important to know when making DIY earrings

    1. Test the cut settings
    2. Use your purple mat
    3. Pay attention to the adhesive tape
    4. The engraving tip doesn’t work 100% on faux leather.

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    Thanks for being there. I hope you enjoyed these tips. If you think I forgot anything, just leave me a comment below!

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