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Use adhesive vinyl and your Cricut to decorate your washer and dryer!

With this project, washing will now make you smile! In addition, the files are available for cat and dog lovers!

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When I saw people post photos of their washers and dryers using Karima’s SVG cat file from SVG Bundles Karimza in English, I thought it would be really fun to have it in French!

So I contacted Karima and she agreed to make a French version! That’s why you’ll see French writing on the pictures and the project I made. Awesome isn’t it? In fact, they are even two versions since she made the cat and the dog!

And here’s the one I did!

Note that the vinyl of the washer looks higher, but it is really the shape of the glass that gives this impression.

Seen from inside the washer

Besides, it was not easy to install the vinyl on this door. See the video below for more details!

Materials and tools

How to install vinyl on the washer and dryer

My devices are front-loading. So I used white vinyl. On the other hand, the glass of the washer is particular in the sense that it is like recessed from the inside (see photo above).

Watch the video to see all the details of the vinyl installation and also to see my parchment paper trick!

Import an SVG file into Design Space

If you’re having trouble or just wondering how to upload an SVG file in Design Space (or you’re wondering what an SVG is?). Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Check out this post which will give you all the details on how to download an SVG cut file

If you have already decorated your appliances, even very small ones, come and share your project with us in my Facebook group“Create with confidence with Cricut”.

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