The best Cricut deals for Black Friday for Canadians

This is where you’ll find in one place all the best deals for Canadians on Cricut products and other related products for Black Friday.

With the pandemic going on, I think that Black Friday 2020 will be very popular this year, especially for online shopping.

During Black Friday weed and until Cyber-Monday (November 30, 2020), I will list for you the best Canadian deals I can find. Yes, Canadian, because we don’t have Hobby Lobby and other awesome stores like in the US. I want it to be easier to find out what’s available to you, Canadian friends. This post will be updated frequently so come back often!

Since I’m an organized girl and don’t want you to re-read each time you come back, I will colour code the updates 😆 Ya… that’s just me! lol

  • Updates made on Black Friday will be PINK
  • Updates made on Saturday, Sunday and Cyber-Monday will be ORANGE

I want it to be easier to find out what’s available to you, Canadian friends.

Subtly send the link of this page to your boyfriend/spouse/parents for an awesome Christmas present (for you, of course!). In addition, it will save them the craziness of holiday shopping! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience and at no extra cost to you. Click here to see my full disclosure policy.

Cricut Design Space beginner course

My course Cut Learn Conquer is on special on Black Friday. Check out the details here!

Important notes

**Note that coupons and prices may vary depending on where you live. So your savings might not be exactly like mine. I always do my best to share honest and neutral information. I only recommend products and places I trust.

The prices on the Cricut website are always in USD (and I have never had any customs fees for delivery to Canada). You can always use Google to see the conversion to CAD.

Honey extension

You’ll see that often, will have the best price even after converting USD to CAD. What you absolutely need to try, is to install the Honey extension on your Browser. This extension will search, try and find the best coupons that you can apply to your order. It will prompt you with this window:

Once you click the orange button, you’ll see this window:

And this is when the magic happens! So don’t be shy to install the extension by clicking on this link.

UPDATE 2020: As shipping isn’t offered for free this year on, it’s the free shipping coupon that seems to always appear to be the best deal. (if you buy more than $50).


USD Price – 10% Access Member + Free delivery (SHIPNOV) + Quebec taxes X 1.30 (USD to CAD).

Cricut Access

Do you know that when you subscribe to Cricut Access, you also get 10% off all purchases at Yes, on all purchases, even Cricut machines. Considering that the subscription is about $ 10 / month, it’s worth it to subscribe even before buying a Cricut! (just make the calculation. It starts to be advantageous as soon as your order is more than $100)

Not to mention all the projects and fonts to which you will have access for free!

You can also subscribe for one year (or ask for it as a gift!), The annual price is a little cheaper than the monthly one.

By subscribing to Cricut Access (even for one month) and using Honey, you’ll save a lot of money on your orders and that’s often what makes win against Amazon and Michaels.

If you are a Prime member, delivery is free for all products identified as “Prime”. If not, you’ll need to verify because delivery will vary depending on items and the total price.

Michaels Canada

You can buy everything online and pick it up in stores. It will save you from going there for nothing! They even have a Curbside pick-up available since the pandemic. Note that the prices might vary depending on where you live. Please check the website. Also, be informed that Michaels will equal any prices found on Amazon.

Black Friday Deals

Cricut products

Often, it’s really a good deal to buy a Cricut machine in a bundle. has many of them. I’ll tell you which ones I think are the best. Here are the best deals I’ve found (do not forget that these deals will be periodically updated until Monday, November 30, 2020):

To understand the difference between the Cricut Maker, the Explore Air 2 and the Cricut Joy and know everything you need when you begin in the Cricut world, follow this link.

Here are the materials and tools inside the Bundles (apart from the Cricut Explore Air 2 or Maker) – In pink: useful for Iron-On; in orange: adhesive vinyl.Essential BundleEverything Bundle
Foil Iron-On Sampler, BejeweledX
Everyday Iron-On Sampler, EleganceXX
Adhesive Foil Metallic Sampler, BejeweledX
Premium Vinyl Sampler Removable, EleganceXX
Dry Erase VinylX
Stencil vinylX
Vinyl ChalkboardX
Foil Poster Board Sampler, BejeweledX
Glitter Cardstock Sampler, BrightsX
Cardstock Sampler, BasicsX
Iron-On Protective SheetXX
Transfer TapeXX
Pen Set, Classics (5 ct.)X
Scoring StylusX
True Control Knife, BlueXX
Cutting Mat Varietry Pack, 12″ x 12″ 3 pk (one blue, one green and one purple)XX
Tools Basic SetXX
 Portable TrimmerXX

Cricut Maker

The Maker seems to be out of stock almost everywhere.

But for the Cricut alone:

  1. If you still find it at Costco, this is still the best price at 399$
  2. Michaels has it for 20$ more (verify the stocks)

**Note that last year, the Black Friday deal on was $349 USD. Today, you can get the Maker with the Essential Bundle for $359 USD and even the Everything Bundle for a bit more. Do the math, I personally think it’s worth it. If you see that it’s out of stock. Come back later. The Maker usually come back on stock.

There is also Costco that has a Cricut Maker Bundle. Although it’s difficult to compare it to the other Bundles, it still looks like it’s worth it. OUT OF STOCK!!

Cricut Explore Air 2

The Explore Air 2 alone is also out of stock at However, if you do the math, the Essential bundle is less than 10$ more than buying your Explore Air 2 on its own from Michaels.

  1. Cricut Explore Air 2 Essential Bundle

Cricut Joy

Easy Press 2

One thing I regretted when buying my Easy Press was buying only the 9″ x 9″. At the time, I didn’t think I was going to like Heat transfer vinyl. But OMG was I wrong!

The Cricut as a 12″ mat, so I wish I would have bought the 12″x 10″. See this post for more details.

Therefore, I will give you the prices of the 12″ x 10″. the prices of the other sizes are always proportional.

Once again wins hands down on the Easy Press award and for all sizes. It’s not even worth mentioning the other places because the difference is so big

Easy Press 2 mini

Cricut always has the best price for the mini and by far.

New Foil kit

As Cricut didn’t include them in the 50% off, Michaels has the cheapest price. This also applies to Foil sheets.

Cricut BrightPad

Although not essential, the BrightPad is very useful to weed small pieces of vinyl (or maybe it’s my eyes are getting old!!)

Only has it at an affordable price but it’s currently out of stock. If you really need that kind of tracing pad, you could always check what’s available here.

Cricut mats

I always suggest buying Cricut mats on since these are often really cheaper than on the Cricut website or at Michaels.

BUT NOT TODAY!!! Amazon is even more expansive than Michaels

The best price is, again and by far.

Just note that almost all materials and accessories are at 50% OFF on the Cricut site until December 1st. Don’t wait, thing are going out of stock fast!

Also, get a $20 coupon when you buy for $100

Useful Cricut tools

Less than 25$

If you have the Cricut Maker

Take the opportunity to buy or to ask Santa for specialized blades.


Scriptdesigns is having a sale with 15% off on HTV and 25% off on Adhesive Vinyl

Design Bundles Ultimate $1 Event

This Ultimate $1 event from Design Bundles has started through December 3 at 1 am EST


  • 15,000 products discounted to only $1 each
  • 6 days of insanely low prices
  • 500 general sale copies available of each item 
  • Unlimited copies available for Plus members 
  • SVGs, Fonts, Illustrations, Sublimation Designs, Procreate Brushes, Paper Cut Templates, Embroidery Designs, Templates, Mock-Ups, Icons, Patterns, Textures, Add-ons and much more 
  • Personal and Commercial use license included 
  • Lifetime download guarantee 
  • No minimum order. Order as few or as many products as you like 
  • Once you’ve added an item to your basket, you’ve reserved your copy (Don’t forget to log in or register before the day) 
  • Store Credit and Plus Memberships get you extra discounts (another 10-15% off) 
  • Full unlimited customer support for all of our customers 


Cricut Pen Adapters

I just wrote a post about how great these Cricut Pen adapters work. If you’re thinking of buying some or asking for them as a gift (and encouraging a small business) Springbok Craft Supply is having a Black Friday sale right now!


Sure Cuts A Lot 5 is at a very low price right now. If you were looking to get it, now’s the time!

Silhouette Studio Business Edition is at a low price here using the code JOLLY at check out. You can see how I used it How to use a custom LED lamp with the Cricut engraving tip.

Cricut Design Space beginner course

My course Cut Learn Conquer is on special on Black Friday. Check out the details here!

Other deals?

You found other deals or have any questions, leave me a comment below.

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  1. For Black Friday Michael’s is having 40% off select Cricut materials, mats & tools (excludes infusible ink blanks & materials). This add is located in the few flyer. If you are a Michael’s subscriber you would have gotten the link in an email previewing Black Friday

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