The best Cricut deals for Black Friday for Canadians

This is where you’ll find in one place all the best deals for Canadians on Cricut products and other related products for Black Friday.

Black Friday 2019 is one week later than usual this year and we already see a lot of specials. Is it only me or the stores are stretching it even more this year? It gets really difficult to see through all of this!

This is where I will help you! This week and until Cyber-Monday (December 2, 2019), I will list for you the best Canadian deals I can find. Yes, Canadian, because we don’t have Hobby Lobby and other awesome stores like in the US. I want it to be easier to find out what’s available to you, Canadian friends. This post will be updated frequently so come back often!

Since I’m an organized girl and don’t want you to re-read each time you come back, I will colour code the updates 😆 Ya… that’s just me! lol

  • Updates made on November 27th and 28th will be PURPLE
  • Updates made on Black Friday will be PINK
  • Updates made on Saturday, Sunday and Cyber-Monday will be RED

I want it to be easier to find out what’s available to you, Canadian friends.

We can already see deals you can’t miss this week. Subtly send the link of this page to your boyfriend/spouse/parents for an awesome Christmas present (for you, of course!). In addition, it will save them the craziness of holiday shopping! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience and at no extra cost to you. Click here to see my full disclosure policy.

Important notes

**Note that coupons and prices may vary depending on where you live. So your savings might not be exactly like mine. I always do my best to share honest and neutral information. I only recommend products and places I trust. Free shipping on all orders $50+. | Free shipping, no minimum for Cricut Access subscribers.  The prices on the Cricut website are always in USD (and there will be no customs fees for delivery to Canada). You can always use Google to see the conversion to CAD.

You’ll see that often, will have the best price even after converting USD to CAD. What you absolutely need to try, is to install the Honey extension on your Browser. This extension will search, try and find the best coupons that you can apply on your order. It will prompt you with this window:

Once you click the orange button, you’ll see this window:

And this is when the magic happens! So don’t be shy to install the extension by clicking on this link.

Cricut Access

Do you know that when you subscribe to Cricut Access, you also get 10% off all purchases at Yes, on all purchases, even Cricut machines. Considering that the subscription is about $ 10 / month, it’s worth it to subscribe even before buying a Cricut!

Not to mention all the projects and fonts to which you will have access!

You can also subscribe for one year (or ask for it as a gift!), The annual price is a little cheaper than the monthly one.

By subscribing to Cricut Access (even for one month) and using Honey, you’ll save a lot of money on your orders and that’s what makes win everytime against Amazon and Michaels.

BLACK FRIDAY UPDATE: Get a $10 coupon when you buy for $50 and a $25 coupon when you spend $100. (the coupon will be sent to your email. Allow one week to receive it)

SATURDAY ONLY: There are Exclusive Holiday bundles, today only on! I even think I might snag one of them! If you are a Prime member, delivery is free for all products identified as “Prime”. If not, you’ll need to verify because delivery will vary depending on items and the total price.

Michaels Canada: You can buy online and pick it up in stores. It will save you from going there for nothing! The prices might vary depending on where you live. Please check the website. Also, be informed that Michaels will equal any prices found on Amazon.

Cricut products

Often, it’s really a good deal to buy a Cricut machine in a bundle. has many of them. I’ll tell you which ones I think are the best. Here are the best deals I’ve found (do not forget that these deals will be periodically updated until Monday, December 2, 2019):

Cricut Maker

The Cricut Maker is an exception to the rule when it comes to bundles. I didn’t find anything that was worth it in my opinion.

But for the Cricut alone:

  1. You can have your Maker in another colour than champagne, like lilac, mint, pink or blue!😍, for less than Costco, Michaels and Amazon (if we count the taxes, well at least Quebec taxes) on by using Honey and by being a member of Cricut Access (see the purple frame above for more info). Prices may vary depending on where you are in Canada.
  2. Someone told me Costco had it at 399$ in stores only (in Quebec City). You’ll need to check your local Costco to confirm.
  3. Amazon has the lowest price that has been seen on Amazon for the past year. But take note that only the “champagne” colour is available.
  4. Same price at Michaels, where there is also only the “champagne” colour.

Cricut Explore Air 2

  1. For the moment Michaels wins with a choice of 4 colours.
  2. comes second, but still with a huge choice of colour. If you just subscribe to Cricut Access (pay a 1-month subscription), as mentioned in the purple frame above, and use Honey, you’ll have it for the same price as Michaels.
  3. Amazon has nothing to envy for the moment, but according to last year, there was a special around Black Friday, but it will probably be only for the mint colour. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Unlike the Maker, I believe that the bundles for the Explore Air 2 are very worth it, especially this bundle. You’ll have everything you need to start all kinds of projects for around 20$ CAD more than the Explore Air 2 alone stated in number 2 above.

To understand the difference between the Cricut Maker and Explore Air 2, follow this link and scroll down the page. You’ll be able to see all the power of the Maker. I promise to write a post about it real soon!

Easy Press 2

Honestly, I did not think I would like to put vinyl on fabrics like sweaters or pillows, but when we start, we just can’t stop!! I give you the prices for the Easy Press 2 that I have, the 9 “x 9”. I think it’s the most versatile and anyway, the prices of the other sizes are always proportional.

  1. It’s that has the best price if we make the conversion from USD to CAD.
  2. Followed closely by Michaels with a couple of dollars more.
  3. is not in the game for that product.

If you’re going to buy it at, I strongly suggest this bundle. This is exactly the one I got and it is still cheaper than what I paid.

I made this cute t-shirt for my trip to Disney only with what came in this bundle.

T-shirt written Dingle hopper hair don't care

For the Easy Press 2 mini, I only found it on Michaels has it in-store, but I have not managed to get the price on the Internet (I’m going to have to go to Michaels !! What a nice excuse!)

Cricut BrightPad

Although not essential, the BrightPad is very useful to weed small pieces of vinyl (or maybe it’s my eyes are getting old!!)

  1. The best price I found is on
  2. is following very closely.

The information is not available for Michaels, but I remember a price that was way too high when I shopped for mine.

Cricut mats – Big deals Right Now!!!

I always suggest buying Cricut mats on since these are often really cheaper than on the Cricut website or at Michaels.

But right now, they are extremely cheap on For example, the price is under 10$ for two green mats (standard grip) or a purple (strong grip).

I myself have 12×24 green mats instead of having 12×12. I even use them for smaller projects. It’s a little more troublesome, but at the same time more economical than having the 2 sizes.

Useful Cricut tools

After several verifications, it is really that has the least expensive tools. Even if Michaels has a 40% off on them!! (Isn’t that crazy?)

Here are my best suggestions for smaller gifts to ask for Christmas! 😉

Less than 25$

I also just bought this ruler that I think will save my life when trying to put a design straight on a shirt! It’s in the clearance section and for a limited time, you get an extra 20% off when you’re a Cricut Access member.


Saturday only: There are Exclusive Holiday bundles, today only on! I even think I might snag one of them!

Starting Friday at Michaels, all Oracal sheets and Siser HTV will be on special. Check out the flyer.

Until Monday midnight at

  • Buy 2 patterned HTV and get one for free (same size, any pattern)
  • Buy 2 patterned adhesive vinyl and get one for free (same size, any pattern)
  • 15% off on HTV vinyl (bundles excluded)
  • 25% off on adhesive vinyl (bundle excluded)
  • Buy for 250$ before taxes and get 5% off your total order.

If you have the Cricut Maker

Take the opportunity to buy or to ask Santa for specialized blades.

  • Knife Blade
  • Set of 2 scoring wheel (including the QuickSwap housing, allowing you to buy only the tips of other blades).
  • QuickSwap tip (this is the perforation tip but you’ll also find other tips to emboss, engrave and cut wavy lines.)

You are new and overwhelmed by all this information?

Get my Maker’s Guide to Getting Started with your Cricut.

You will learn all the basic functions of Cricut Design Space by making 3 projects. Why listen to many tutorials before you can finally make your first project? Learn Cricut Design Space while making 3 useful projects for your home. You will finally be able to use your machine to its full potential.

I prefer to see the details before

Other deals?

You found other deals or have any questions, leave me a comment below.

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  1. For Black Friday Michael’s is having 40% off select Cricut materials, mats & tools (excludes infusible ink blanks & materials). This add is located in the few flyer. If you are a Michael’s subscriber you would have gotten the link in an email previewing Black Friday

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