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Font Kerning has arrived in Cricut Design Space

Here it is! Finally! Kerning has arrived in Cricut Design Space. I will tell you what it is and everything you need to know.

I hear you say “what?”. Yes, I know, after glyphs, SVG and other terms, what does kerning means?

Get ready, because when I’m going to explain it to you, I promise you will do a happy dance too!

What is kerning?

Kerning is the adjustment of the spacing in the letters of a font. This refers to the process of grouping letters within a word to join them or put them closely so that they read better.

Impact in Cricut Design Space

This question came up so often: Why are the letters not attached or how do you link the letters?

Well, we had to ungroup the word and then, one by one, move the letters! ?

I’ve often told you in my videos that this is what I hate to do the most! Well, with this new option, the letters of the font with kerning will be automatically attached!!!! ?

Now you understand why I’m doing a happy dance!

Here’s an example with the Annie Leu font of Cricut Access.

Before kerning, here’s what we had:

With kerning ?:

Small note you need to know! By changing the colour of the font you might notice that the word do not seem to be welded!

But if you hit “Make it” you’ll see that it is welded and everything is perfect!

What you need to know about kerning in Design Space

Not all fonts have the ability to kern.

The kerning option will be checked by default in Design Space. So, if you’re looking for one of your favourite fonts and can’t find it, you may need to uncheck the box to find it.

In addition, kerning is only available on the desktop version of Cricut Design Space.

Check out the video!

If you have any other questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or better yet, come and ask them in my Facebook group!

P.S. Spread the word by pinning it!


Tuesday 25th of May 2021

Thank you so much for all this helpful information.


Monday 31st of May 2021

You're so welcome!

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