Easy upgrade of a trash can

Find out how to easily transform a plastic trash can in a rustic and good looking accessory for your bathroom in one simple step.

Yep, you’ve read correctly! The trash can is not the usually the object we want to star when we makeover a room. But it doesn’t mean it has to stick out like a sore thumb either! So here’s how I made my bathroom’s trash can look pretty!

I decided to give a bit of loooove to something that we often forget and that in my case, is almost hidden between the toilet and the counter.

bathroom counter and toilet. We can't see the trash can

Maybe the fact that it was hidden was why it was a plain plastic trash to start with.

simple white plastic trash can

Sometimes the simplest DIY gives you the best accomplishment feeling!

So, part of the $100 Room Challenge

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I thought of adding sisal rope around my plastic bin to give it a rustic look.


Trash can update with sisal rope

For this project, I invested:

  • a big $3.81 (with a 40% discount at Hobby Lobby)
  • 1 hour of my weekend
  • and 6 hot glue stick (ya, that’s right!!)

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What you need to update the trash can

How to do it

Start at the bottom and work in a circle to the top, adding hot glue along the way. It’s that easy!

Starting to glue sisal rope at the bottom of the plastic trash can

Holding a hot glue gun and gluing sisal rope on the trash can

Stay tuned for Week 4 update of the $100 Room Challenge, coming up tomorrow.

see recap of Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5

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  1. Great makeover. A nice garbage can for the bathroom can be $50 bucks, not happening in my house. This is a really nice solution to keep the cost down. Nice!!!

  2. Nice trash can! (Weird comment, LOL) But it's true, I love how you totally made a plain plastic trash can look rustic with the rope. I may give this a try! #HomeMattersParty

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