$100 Room Challenge / Count me in!



I wanted to do this challenge so much!

Erin, from Lemons, Lavender and Laundry, started this series in September 2015 :

One room, one month and $100

Then, in January of this year, she opened it to other bloggers.
This March, another challenge. Now, I procrastinaded. We’re already the 7th, it’s springbreak here and we’re going on vacation. So no DIY for me until the 18th.
Hmmm. I just can’t let it go! I decided to enter the challenge anyway with my upstairs bathroom. It’s a small room and there’s no extensive work to be done. My mind is always thinking about DIY anyway.  Vacation or not, my brain won’t stop! Till the 18th, I can still plan what I’m gonna do, research ideas and share everything with with you guys.

Here’s what my bathroom looks like :
There’s already beautiful wood furniture but I’ve been wanting to put the final touches. I’d like to add an accent color and make it more joyful.
There’s no art work on the walls. The shelves have been laying on the side of the bathtub since we moved in, a year and a half ago!
$100 Room Challenge | Bathroom makeover | DIY |
I’m dreaming of getting rid of those ugly lamps but I never seem to get to it.
This towel holder doesn’t do the job for us. And I’m thinking of a nice DIY latter that could also hide the ugly heater.
So, that’s where I am right now, excited and all, real happy to be part of this challenge that is giving me the motivation that I needed to finally get this bathroom done!
From you’re point of view, any other suggestions of things I could improve? Any idea on what colour I could use to bring a little life in there?

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