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How to remove sticky bumpers from cabinet doors

Sometimes, transparent cabinet bumpers melt. Discover a simple trick to remove sticky bumpers from cabinet doors.

I had a problem lately. In fact, like a lot of things around here, I’ve had this problem for a while!

You know, the transparent bumpers that are often on cabinet doors? Mine had “melted” and had become a kind of nasty gum. Yuck!

A sticky bumper that is all melted

Can you imagine the sticky noise at the opening of the cabinets … ahhhhh, it made me crazy !!

I tried all kinds of stuff and products to remove this disgusting glue. It did not always work very well. I finally found the most effective solution.

Let’s see what it is! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience and at no extra cost to you. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Required materials and tools

What it takes to remove sticky bumpers from cabinet doors

First, remove the excess residues with a scraper (Yuck, just looking at this picture, I can’t stand it!!! Can I be cured? Haha)

Scraping the sticky bumpers from the cabinet

Spray my magic trick: “Goo Gone” and let act a few minutes (take that time to scrape the rest of the cabinet doors!)

Finally, simply scrub with a paper towel. You can also apply the product to the paper towel.

There you go:

Cabinet is clean. The sticky bumpers have been removed

Oufff, I feel waaaay better !!! 😉

In any case, it works much better than anything else I tried (including peanut butter!)

Make sure to clean with soap or other product to remove oil residue before gluing new bumpers.

How about you, is there anything that disgusts you as this goo does to me? Leave me a comment, maybe we can start a therapy together! haha

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Thursday 21st of June 2018

Thanks for tge tip. What I also hate, when I buy something valuable, and some silly person put the price sticker on the face/front of the item, instead of the back. When they put it on the item, you have to carefully try and remove the sticky price tag


Saturday 23rd of June 2018

I know! that's frustrating!

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