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DIY Christmas gift tags with foil transfer

This article will show you how to use my free SVG files to make awesome gift tags with Cricut’s foil transfer kit (or a pen if you don’t have the foil tip yet!).

Every year, I exchange gifts with my family. Last year, I used these tags made with the Maker’s perforation blade.

My niece had a fun time peeling them off and finding out who the gift was for!!

This year, I wanted to make something more durable to go with our new fabric gift bags made by my super mother-in-law who is an excellent seamstress (just the opposite of me haha! So we complement each other!!)

My first idea was to make leather-like tags with a fabric insert that would match each bag. I abandoned this idea for several reasons:

  1. I designed the tags with far too many details to be cut in faux leather (100% my fault, I got a little excited in the design!!).
  2. The foil transfer does not look super good on faux leather. So disappointing!
2 Christmas labels made with Foil tip on faux leather

As I still liked the designs that I made, I told myself that I could still offer them to you and make them on cardboard.

The more “sustainable” tahs will go to next year! This article contains links to affiliated products for your convenience and at no additional cost to you. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Gift tags with Foil or Pen

Tools required

    Required materials

    How to make labels with Foil

    You will see in the video that I use foil transfer sheets but you can also use the same file and instead of foil, use “draw” and make a similar effect with a golden pencil or whatever colour you choose!

    I also use a Metallic Sharpie as well as the Cricut adapter that I tested in this article.

    Can Foil transfer sheets be reused?

    The answer Cricut will give you is no! But you know how I like to save! Well, I tested it! I used the same sheet to make the front and back of the tags.

    The front is more detailed and was made first.

    12 Christmas tags made with Cricut Foil tip

    For the back, there was only the border of the tag to make in foil. I thought that the worst that could happen is that there would be small gaps in the foil lines.

    But not even tiny bits! (Note that the foil is pretty hard to photograph…)

    The back of the Christmas labels made with Cricut's Foil tip

    Of course, there are limits to the reuse of the transfer sheets. There has to be some foil left on the sheet to transfer!!!!

    I figured that if it didn’t work, I could just replace a new foil sheet before removing the mat (after cutting) and press the button to restart the Cricut.

    If you ever want to try it, don’t hesitate to tell me if it worked for you!!!

    SVG file of 12 gift tags

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      12 Christmas tags made with Cricut Foil tip

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