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April Fool’s Cootie Catcher free printable

Get this April Fool’s Cootie Catcher printable for free. Also called a joke teller, the funny fish jokes will make your kids laugh!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might have seen this other Cootie Catcher I made :

It had funny Valentine-themed jokes inside.

It was such a hit that I thought I could make another version of this cootie catcher for April Fool’s day.

April Fool's cootie catcher when folded

April Fool’s cootie catcher

So what’s the difference with this cootie catcher? Well the cute animals have been replaced by fish drawn by my daughter (isn’t she talented? I love them!)

All the jokes are different from the other cootie catchers and are all around fish/ocean theme. Here’s a little sample:

  • Where do fish keep their money? In the river bank!
  • What do you call a fish with no eye? Fsssshh!

How to fold the cootie catcher?

Note that when printing, do not use the “Scale to fit” feature. Just leave it as is (even if your printer says that some clipping may occur).

If you prefer, you can check this short video I made with the Valentine cootie catcher on how to fold it!

How to get the free April Fool’s cootie catcher?

If you’d like to have this free printable, just subscribe below. You’ll also have access to a lot of other fun and usefull files!

Hopefully, this free printable will save you from some April Fool’s pranks! 😛

PS: Please share it on Pinterest!

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