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3 quick and easy DIY no-sew face mask

No mistake about that, it’s always better to stay home, but if you have to go out in a public place, you will probably need a mask. If you don’t have one on hand, here are 3 ways to quickly make a no-sew face mask.

Wearing a face mask is now mandatory in public places in several states and cities.

I also have mine, made by my dear friend Cathie because you know, sewing and I, we do not really get along!!

Right now, it’s a wild mask race here in Quebec and the seamstresses have endless orders. Maybe it’s the same where you are? I thought I could offer you a list of the best tutorials showing you how to make a no-sew face mask quickly.

1- From a Bandana

This one seems a fast solution although I’m worried the elastics would pull too much on my ears.

I invite you to check out Passion for Savings’ Post which has a super visual tutorial.

Hair elastics, a piece of fabric and hop, a mask quickly made!

2- From the sleeve of an old t-shirt

Well yes, I did say a sleeve of a t-shirt! I should have thought about it! Raegun Rambligs did!

The tutorial even has a video and it’s super easy to make! Love this idea!

One thing I would change: I would use something thinner to attach the mask on my ears instead of using the edge of the sweater with the seam. I would probably make t-shirt yarn by cutting thin strips into the same sweater and stretching it. Seems to me it would be more comfortable!

3- With your Cricut (or scissors!)

Of course, using the Cricut Maker to cut fabric of this size can be a great idea (or the Cricut Explore Air by merging the fabrics with freezer paper). Even better if you don’t need to sew after (well, in my opinion anyway!! haha!).

So it’s hard to ignore Jennifer Maker’s tutorial and her downloadable templates: SVG, PDF. She even tells you how to trace on your screen if you don’t have a printer.

Although I think she’s awesome, I find that her tutorial makes me completely overwhelmed. There is A-LOT of information, almost too much!

My suggestion for you is the model that is found directly on Cricut Design Space Simple to make and you can even cut it by hand if you don’t have a Cricut.

Credit: Cricut

They also detailed all the Steps in this post.

So while you wait to receive your mask made by an expert seamstress (that is currently overwhelmed), these 3 ideas will allow you to go out in a public place if you really need it. Remember that it’s still best to limit your travel.

Stay safe!

Don’t forget to download the Free Cricut Cheat Sheet

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Pinterest image showing 3 quick and easy ways to make a no-sew face mask.

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