Why I didn’t stain my cedar fence

Besides the weather, there are several other reasons why I didn’t stain my cedar fence. This post will give you all the details.

As explained in the post about how to make a privacy screen, my neighbours’ house is relatively close to ours.

When we moved in, there was a black mesh fence between our yards. And it was only 4 feet tall.

Why I did not dyed my cedar fence, treated wood, dyed cedar or not, replacing a mesh fence #fenceideas #wood #diy #paint #stain #treatedwood #fence #wood #close #boistraite

I can tell you that I felt pretty exposed, especially in summer, in my bathing suit !!

So last year, we had an opaque fence 6 feet high installed (the maximum height allowed!)

Why I did not dyed my cedar fence, treated wood, dyed cedar or not, replacing a mesh fence #fenceideas #wood #diy #paint #stain #treatedwood #fence #wood #close #boistraite

The difference is crazy, isn’t it? I’m just looking at the pictures and I feel so much better !!! In addition to giving us more privacy, the fence (like the privacy screen of the patio) cuts the wind that often comes from this side.

Why I didn’t stain my cedar fence

The fence we had installed is made of white cedar panels. Initially, I intended to stain it. When I realized the steps I had to take (wash, dry, sand, stain, dry, sand, stain, etc.), I wanted to hire someone to do it! Not to mention that the ability to achieve all that depended on the weather!

So I got some price quotes. I couldn’t believe that the prices were almost as expensive as the fence itself!! Not to mention that it would have to be done all over again every 7 to 8 years. I was a little discouraged and almost regretted my choice!

The resistance of white cedar

I knew that cedar was a resistant wood and some research on the Internet allowed me to confirm it.

I have found that the durability of white cedar can last for decades before it needs to be replaced or repaired without the need for special preservation treatment (yesssss!).
It is the natural preservatives secreted by this species that protect it against mould, moisture and insects and provide a longer life than all other species, often even when treated. ( Reference )
Cedar can also have an even longer life if it is not in contact with the ground or submerged. I was in luck, the posts of my fence are metal so there is no contact with the ground.

There is only one thing to consider: you have to be ready to let it go gray.

For my part, I love this aspect of aged wood so it was not a problem!

After a year, we already see some traces of gray that begin to appear. It’s charming, isn’t it?

Why I didn't stain my cedar fence, wood stain, treated wood, replacement of a chainlink fence #fenceideas #wood #diy #paint #stain #treatedwood #fence

I love it!

Why I did not dyed my cedar fence, treated wood, dyed cedar or not, replacing a mesh fence #fenceideas #wood #diy #paint #stain #treatedwood #fence #wood #close #boistraite

I’m finally very happy with the choice I made. It’s economical, good for the environment, and, the best part, without maintenance for several years (yes!).

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Others use cedar

Cedar is used in many other outdoor products. Here are some examples:

And you, do you have things made of cedar wood at home?

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    1. Oh how I wish I could get away with not staining my fence but it went through a flood. There was 13′ of water on the property. This left a lot of mud and funny marks where little creatures attached to the wood. Snow & rain has not removed them. So now I’m pressure washing that off, but this leaves marks and I stain it black to hide the marks. Very exhausting work. The good thing is the green of the plants look fantastic.

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