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Twice a month, on Friday, I post a round-up of interesting pins by following the themes of the different boards that you’ll find on my Pinterest profile.

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Perler Beads are little-coloured beads that are used to make crafts. Kids can make different shapes and designs on pegboards. You can have all sorts of shapes and sizes of pegboards.

For this post, I want to show you my Pinterest board about Perler Beads. This board is shared with my children which means they can also have fun adding pictures of patterns they have found from time to time.

Board featured this week: Perler beads for kids

The interesting pins that caught my eye

I invite you to pin these ideas and discover all the other pins available on this board.

NeliDesign’s pins on the same subject

What I like the most about Perler Beads, it’s that it interests boys as much as girls. My son is particularly interested in video games so I turned his Perler Beads crafts into wall art for his bedroom.

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