Interlude: A new puppy

Sometimes the stars line up and life sends us a nice surprise. Meet our new puppy, a real ray of sunshine in our family!

I don’t usually do this kind of post. Today there is no DIY, no crafts, no home decor. I want to introduce you to the newest member of our family: Dash!

Interlude: A new puppy, a yellow Labrador-bred dog that we just adopted. Baby Labrador retriever

The Little Story

I’ve always had cats in my life, never dogs. Since we found out my husband is allergic to cats, we never had another one.

The love of animals must be innate because I have two children who adore all animals. For my part, I have never been attracted to dogs except for Labradors. I don’t know why this breed in particular, it must be their little face! 😉

So, long story short, we decided to adopt a Labrador. We were supposed to have it around September, but the female didn’t get pregnant. The children were very disappointed. We then chose the next litter which brought us to the end of January (in the middle of winter, in the -25 degrees Celcius, but hey, it takes what it takes!!).

It was last Sunday that I got a call from the breeder. A family was forced to cancel and a blond puppy was available for immediate departure!

Uh, right now?

After that, it went fast!

So we decide to go for it since the kids and I are home all summer. It cannot be a better timing accustom him to his new home.

On Monday, we went shopping and bought everything that we needed. Tuesday, we left to go get him, it’s a 2:30 drive to get there.


We fell in love right away. The breeder called it his ray of sunshine. A puppy with energy, but without excess. Always in a good mood.

Interlude: A new puppy, a yellow Labrador-bred dog that we just adopted. Baby Labrador retriever

We decided to call him Dash, like the boy who runs fast in the movie The Incredibles. We thought it would fit him perfectly. 😉

Since his arrival on Tuesday night, he’s been adapting like a champ. He’s a small pocket dog that follows us everywhere and even settle down on my feet at all times!

Yes, I was trying to make supper there!!

Interlude: A new puppy, a yellow Labrador-bred dog that we just adopted. Baby Labrador retriever

We can not be happier to have him!

Yesterday I worked hard to make a fence to prevent him to go down the stairs. Indeed, the Labradors must avoid the stairs at least until 4 months old until their hips are well formed.

Let’s say that we are pretty busy and that I have left a lot of my routine tasks this week! But, hey, that’s life! You see, my arms are very busy! 😉

Interlude: A new puppy, a yellow Labrador-bred dog that we just adopted. Baby Labrador retriever

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For your information, here are a few items that I bought at full speed and that were recommended to me:

The crate: For a Labrador, 42 ” is needed and it is important to have a divider panel narrow down the crate when the dog is small, otherwise it will be difficult to teach him cleanliness. I really like this crate. It is practical and not expensive compared to those in pet shops. And it came in two days thanks to Amazon Prime!

The toys: I bought the red ball (it’s the only toy I have that “Squeaks”!!) It’s really good because he can’t bite it too hard because of its shape. The other toys are Kong brand which is excellent. The breeder told me that the purple stick, in particular, is indestructible (and let’s say he has a lot of dogs!) But any Kong toy that has fabric is apparently less good quality.

So it’s possible that now on, you’ll see some crafts for dogs here and there on the blog, don’t be surprised! 😉

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6 thoughts on “Interlude: A new puppy

  1. Looks exciting! I just had to read this b/c my boys love puppies, but I’m terrified of giving up even more freedom and being on yet more poop duty… This puppy IS adorable!!! Is it as difficult as they say?

    1. It’s only been a week and It is a bit exhausting! It’s just watching is every move so that he gets the habit of going outside. I have to wake up in the middle of the night right now. I could be worst, it could be winter! lol But he’s so adorable! Thanks for your comment!

  2. How adorable!! Our Labrador is a very old guy now – and believe me they are are cute as ever! He struggles getting about, yet he wags, and smiles and wants to play with all the young ones. Have a wonderful time with sweet Dash – you will love him more and more xx Maria

    1. You must love you dog so much. It has only been a week and I can’t imagine not having him! Thanks for the nice words Maria

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