Add a liner to your crochet phone case

As promise, here’s how I added a liner to my crochet phone case. Bare with me people, it was my first time experimenting this!!  But I love my finish work and simply love my phone case. Get a lot of comments at work 😉

phone case cover crochet

If you would like to see how to crochet a phone case cover, see the previous post

First get a piece of fabric that you like. The colors of this one got to me right away!!!

scissors, fabric, phone case cover crochet

Cut 2 pieces of fabric, about 1/2 inch bigger than the phone case

phone case cover crochet, fabric, DIY

The best way to do this (in my opinion) is to put your phone in the crochet case.

Put the fabric around the crochet case and pin it on 3 sides.

phone case cover crochet, fabric, DIY, pin the fabric

Cut the excess on the opposite side of the flap, leaving a 1/2 inch border

Sew with sewing machine, following the pins. Turn it over and make a border for the flap. When your finish sewing, turn the crochet phone case inside out and slip in the fabric like this :

phone case cover crochet, fabric, DIY
For sewing the fabric and the crochet phone case together, use the invisible stitch method as shown below. The black lines represent the fabric and crochet face to face. You need to sew on the inside following this pattern :invisible stitch

Sew the bottom of the liner to the bottom of the crochet phone case so it’s stays well in place. Also sew the flap.

phone case cover crochet, fabric, DIY

Hope you liked my first liner tutorial. I have learned a lot doing it and I’m sure the next one will be way better!!  Do you have things you do and are really proud of it even though it was your first time trying it?

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How to add a liner to a crochet phone case turorial, DIY

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