About Me

Hello and welcome!

I’m Natalie!


Do you tell your friends you would like to DIY things but lack the imagination or the skills?

Do you feel overwhelmed by how days fly by and you never seem to have time to do anything?

Trying to read awfully long blog posts and to figure out where to start and how to do it?

Well, you’re at the right place, my friend!

Like you, I’m waaaay too busy bringing the children to their courses and getting the evening routine done (homework, dinner, dishes, laundry). And during the weekends, trying to prepare for the week to come and make time for fun with the kids.

So that’s why I offer short and visual blog posts and projects that go straight to the point. I also try to keep my projects simple. I like to see a result in a short period of time, don’t you?

Fun facts about me:

1- I’m French Canadian!

Yep! I live in beautiful Quebec city. Didn’t you hear my charming accent while reading my blog posts?  😉 I might make some mistake when writing them. Feel free to tell me, I will appreciate it! I believe everything can be said to a person, it’s the way to say it that makes all the difference! And, we can only grow from learning new things!


2- NeliDesign


The name comes from the name of my two children: Noah and Éliane. I started this blog in 2012 just for fun. Continued throughout the years, evolving and ending up in doing DIYs.

3- I have a full-time job

I work as an architect for the government. Although you would think I use a lot of creativity at my job, it is not really the case. This blog is a creative outlet for me. Let me tell you that my mind is continuously spinning with ideas!

4- I’m a coffee and wine lover

One guilty pleasure for the morning and one for the night  😉

5- I live in a yellow house

We moved here in 2015, trying to find a house that was closest to the children’s school. I loved the interior division and space. The yellow… hmmm… I’m getting used to it! Wrapping my style around it!








As you can probably notice, I know busy! I’m lucky to have a husband of fully supports my passion and that I love very much. He’s the photographer in the family and helps me a lot in that area. He has a blog too, but lacking the time to put the energy in. But he has so many nice pictures.


Free Library

If you’re into projects for a busy life, join me on this adventure and I will give you access to a free library with printable, templates, etc. that will be updated frequently with new goodies.